Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm hearing a strange program whenever my TV is switched to KTVU. How do I get rid of it?

A: If you are hearing unexpected audio while watching Fox 2, your television or VCR may be receiving a Second Audio Program, commonly called the SAP Channel. Eliminating this signal is different on every set, but here is our general advice: Find a button on your set or remote marked AUDIO. You may need to click on a button first labeled MENU, to reach your main -- or primary -- audio settings. If you can change from mono to stereo and back again, usually this sequence will also include a method for you to eliminate the SAP audio channel. Sometimes the SAP button is labeled MTS. Remember, each set works differently, and the best procedure is for you to check your owner's manual, or call the store where you bought your set. If you want to listen to the SAP channel, just reverse the process.

Q: I've got a story for you. How can I reach you? A: You can write, call, fax or email us. We have prepared a list of helpful guidelines for contacting the KTVU/Fox 2 news and community affairs department. Find our contact list here. 

Q: I saw myself on one of your newscasts. Can I obtain a copy of the tape? A: KTVU does not provide tapes or transcripts of its news programming to viewers. For viewers interested in buying a copy of a news program for personal use, there are companies that do sell such tapes. They are not connected directly, indirectly, or financially with KTVU/Fox 2. These companies set their own rates for this service. KTVU/Fox 2 has no control over their business practices. 


Q: How can I arrange to have a KTVU personality speak to my organization? A: To request an appearance by a news anchor or reporter for your school or non-profit organization, please put your request in writing with the following information:

  • Name and background information about your organization.
  • Specific information about your event, including: date, time, location, non-profit number, etc.
  • Minimum amount of time the KTVU speaker needs to be present to fulfill your event requirements.
  • Please specify if the KTVU guest is expected to speak or act as an emcee.
  • Very important: Include one or more contact names and phone numbers.

Send your request to:

Lisa Yokota
2 Jack London Square
Oakland, CA 94607

Please keep in mind that due to news schedules, not all requests can be filled. If you have further questions email 




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