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BAY AREA PEOPLE Heartwarming Reunion

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  • There are few things as special as that bond between a child and their dog. So you can imagine how devastating it was for an 11-year-old boy from Concord when his therapy dog went missing. How the dog was found, and the very special reunion.

    BAY AREA PEOPLE Heartwarming Reunion

  • Spring has also brought a lot of concern over leopard sharks, and several other kinds of sharks, that have been dying in San Francisco Bay. KTVU spoke to the experts about what's causing the spike in deaths.

    BAY AREA PEOPLE Leopard Shark Deaths

  • Bald eagles and their new chick have taken up residence at a local elementary school, and watch out for rattlers, we'll tell you why there are so many sightings this year.

    BAY AREA PEOPLE Bald Eagles & Rattlers

  • Dogs and cats of the Friends of the Alameda Animal Shelter are part of a new program called GRUFF (Girls Reading to Understanding Furry Friends) that is helping girls from Girls Inc. of the Island City (Alameda) become fantastic readers.


  • John Muir Medical Center is the first hospital in California to offer special scans that give babies there an extra layer of security.

    BAY AREA PEOPLE Feet First For Safety

  • A look at some of the issues making headlines for working moms and the debate over paid parental leave and what's happening in the Bay Area to make things a little easier.

    BAY AREA PEOPLE Making Time For Baby

  • Hear how a mother's fight with cancer inspired her daughter to create something delicious and healthy that you can now find on local store shelves.

    BAY AREA PEOPLE Fairyella Ice Pops

  • We introduce you to a mother in the East Bay who is seemingly doing it all, but she's not doing it alone.

    BAY AREA PEOPLE Family Business Serving Seniors

  • Auli'i Cravalho, the voice of Disney's "Moana," and singer, Jordan Fisher talk about how their families had an impact on their success.

    BAY AREA PEOPLE Auli'i Cravalho & Jordan Fisher

  • Girls Inc. Of Alameda County has a simple mission: inspire all girls to be strong, smart and bold. A group of girls there just got treated to a very special performance by two young celebrities who also told the girls that they are more alike than t

    BAY AREA PEOPLE Girls Inc. of Alameda County

  • May 1st is May Day, and International Workers Day, and organizers say they are expecting unprecedented numbers in response to the current administration.

    BAY AREA PEOPLE May Day Demonstrations

  • A look at how town halls have changed under the Trump Administration...packed houses and passionate crowds...what Bay Area lawmakers are saying about constituents in these first one hundred days. 


    BAY AREA PEOPLE Voters Speak Out

  • A deeper look at the Bay Area's reaction to the Travel Ban and the battle over Sanctuary City status and funding.

    BAY AREA PEOPLE Travel Ban and Sanctuary Cities

  • A look back at Trump's policy decisions and executive orders during his first 100 days in office, and how the Bay Area responded.

    BAY AREA PEOPLE Trump's First 100 Days

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