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Posted: Sep 10, 2018 10:02AM PDT



World Centric is based in Petaluma and everything it makes can be thrown in the compost pile.

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  • Georgia terror arrest

    Posted: Jan 16, 2019 07:42PM PST

    Georgia terror arrest

  • Members not paid due to government shutdown

    Posted: Jan 16, 2019 07:22PM PST

    Coast Guard families wait in line for food

  • BART riders out of San Francisco found Civic Center Station closed for about an hour. KTVU's Christien Kafton reports.
  • Tom Vacar reports live from Marin County, where thousands of PG&E customers are without power due to the heavy rain and wind.

    Posted: Jan 16, 2019 06:59PM PST

    North bay rain impact

  • Wednesday was a busy day for California Highway Patrol on Bay Area roadways as motor vehicle accidents piled up in the powerful storm. KTVU's Alyana Gomez reports.

    Posted: Jan 16, 2019 06:38PM PST

    CHP ride-along: Multiple storm-related accidents

  • Some federal workers at Mineta San Jose International Airport could soon get financial help during the ongoing partial federal government shutdown. The City of San Jose may step in, and provide paychecks until the impasse is over.
  • In Saratoga, it's the high winds accompanying the rain that's causing most trouble. KTVU's Ann Rubin reports.

    Posted: Jan 16, 2019 05:31PM PST

    Strong winds knock down trees in Saratoga

  • The brunt of Wednesday's storm is slated to hit around seven or eight in the evening. Flood, wind advisories in effect from 3 p.m. to 3 a.m. Thursday. Expect scattered showers Thursday.

    Posted: Jan 16, 2019 05:07PM PST

    Mark's forecast: Rain, strong wind