Photos: Woman arrested after 7 dead babies found


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PHOTOS: 'Moleman' dwellings at Cheasty Greenspace

PHOTOS: 'Moleman' dwellings at Cheasty Greenspace

Photos of the holes dug up by the so-called "Moleman" in the environmentally protected Cheasty Greenspace. City authorities are trying to track down the man to give him a no trespass order.

Dirty Dozen: List of most pesticide-riddled produce

Dirty Dozen: List of most pesticide-riddled produce

The nonprofit advocacy group, Environmental Working Group, recently released its 10th annual Dirty Dozen list -- a collection of the most pesticide-riddle produce on the market. Apples come in at No. 1 once again, but keep reading to see where your favorite fruits and veggies fall.

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Thursday Weather Forecast: Heat sticks around

Warm to mild overnight Wednesday night with low 60s in the inland cities. Thursday will be a warmer day with highs in the 100’s inland.

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2 Investigates

2 Investigates: Victim in fatal fire requested smoke-alarm be fixed weeks before

2 Investigates uncovered new details about the smoke detectors inside a public housing unit where a fire killed a mother and her 3-year-old son in April.

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‘Supermoon’ lights up sky during close passage to Earth

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Spectacular photos of 'supermoon' phenomena

The 'supermoon' phenomena occurs when a full moon coincides with the satellite being closest in its orbit to Earth.