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2 Investigates: Disabled parking privileges for the deceased

The California Department of Motor Vehicles provides blue and red parking placards for 2.6 million disabled people in the state.  The DMV and local agencies have the task of making sure the placards are only used by their rightful owners. So what’s the problem? 2 Investigates discovered some of those ...

2 Investigates: Used car dealership owner charged with odometer roll back, grand theft, perjury

The main suspect in one of the biggest odometer fraud investigations in Bay Area history is now facing dozens of charges for the alleged scheme. Late Wednesday, Contra Costa County prosecutors filed 79 charges against George Guevara and his wife, Danielle, who own and operate California Car Sales on Auto ...

2 Investigates: Autopsy reports, internal emails offer new details about deadly public housing fire

Internal emails and newly-released autopsy reports obtained by 2 Investigates are revealing new details about a fire in San Francisco public housing earlier this year that killed a woman and her three-year-old son. Esther Ioane, 32, and her son Santana Williams, 3, were killed in the fast moving blaze at ...

Stockton Police officers at the scene where bank robbery suspects with hostages were stopped at Thornton Road and Otto Drive Wednesday July 16, 2014. Cars and houses were riddled with bullets during a high-speed chase and hostages were thrown from a fleeing SUV after a bank robbery Wednesday that led to the deaths of a hostage and two robbers, police said.   (AP Photo/The Record, Craig Sanders)

2 Investigates: Radio traffic raises questions about police response to deadly bank robbery

Police radio recordings reveal tense moments, cross-talk, and unanswered questions about law enforcement’s response to a bank robbery and high-speed chase in Stockton last month that ended with the death of a hostage and two suspects. 2 Investigates combed through hours of police radio recordings from Stockton Police, California Highway ...

2 Investigates: Unfair parking tickets

2 Investigates uncovered deeper systemic problems with the issuing and billing process of parking tickets in San Francisco, including collection notices being sent to the wrong drivers. An investigation into where the mistaken bills were coming from revealed serious questions about problems with the automated process and the company sub-contracted ...

2 Investigates: Review of gas pump complaints reveal questions of accuracy

Gas prices in the Bay Area may have leveled off, but with most stations still charging close to $4 a gallon, customers are frequently questioning whether they got what they paid for.

2 Investigates: Suspected East Bay burglar a college grad and convicted bank robber

Contra Costa County investigators credit social media for helping to identify their suspect in a string of home burglaries as 29-year-old Kyle Facchin, a man who calls himself a salesman and college graduate but also has an extensive criminal past.  The Sheriff's Office said it received a flood of tips ...

2 Investigates: Victim in fatal fire requested smoke-alarm be fixed weeks before

2 Investigates uncovered new details about the smoke detectors inside a public housing unit where a fire killed a mother and her 3-year-old son in April. According to documents 2 Investigates obtained, the victim submitted a work order weeks prior asking the San Francisco Housing Authority to fix the smoke ...

2 Investigates: Personal info sticking around after cell phone's factory reset

Selling an  old cell phone could mean some extra cash  but if the seller isn’t   careful, personal information stored on that  phone could end up costing them. 2 Investigates found that sensitive login information, including photos and documents were still stored on cell phones for sale, even after those phones ...

2 Investigates: San Francisco paramedic response times put patients at risk

Ambulance response times in San Francisco have spiked over the past four months leaving first responders in a challenging position and possibly putting patients’ lives at risk, according to firefighters who spoke to 2 Investigates.  According to a June audit of the San Francisco Fire Department, performed by the city’s ...

2 Investigates: Customers come forward in East Bay odometer fraud case

At least 13 former customers of California Car Sales in Antioch have come forward after 2 Investigates reported on the arrest of dealership owner Jorge Guevara back in June, telling KTVU they purchased vehicles with altered odometers from the used car lot. Investigators with the California Department of Motor Vehicles ...

2 Investigates: Designer Drug Trafficking

Millions of dollars in synthetic drugs are smuggled in to the United States every year, and one of the main choke points to stop overseas shipments is located here in the Bay Area. The investigators who work at San Francisco International Airport are the federal government’s first line of defense ...

2 Investigates: Clients claim tax preparer pocketed refunds

After digging into complaints from multiple clients about a local tax preparer accused of pocketing customer refunds, 2 Investigates has brought that company to the attention of local authorities. Promises of fast cash Local Instant Tax franchises promised customers fast cash and big refunds in its television and online commercials. ...

2 Investigates: Surveillance videos reveal possible link between front porch thefts

On Wednesday morning, Berkeley Police arrested a man suspected of stealing a $250 stroller from the doorstep of a home near Prince and Telegraph who may have been involved in the theft of a package in Oakland.  The Berkeley homeowners recorded the theft on a surveillance camera. 2 Investigates was ...

2 Investigates: Disabled Parking Placard Abuse

Free parking at any meter, for an unlimited amount of time is a privilege provided to more than 500,000 people in the Bay Area who've been issued disabled parking placards, but local and state authorities acknowledge there are many able-bodied drivers abusing the system. The privilege and the problems that ...

2 Investigates: Ryan Chamberlain had connections to online black market deals

Some suspected sellers of guns, explosives and poisons over the Internet share a connection to the man at the center of a federal investigation in San Francisco, sources confirmed to KTVU. 2 Investigates learned agents made some of the connections long before they searched the home of Ryan Chamberlain on ...

2 Investigates: San Francisco Postal Service ranks amongst worst recycling offenders

Mountains of paper, plastic, and boxes at San Francisco post offices are ending up in the trash instead of being recycled. According to a new report by the Office of the Inspector General, the Postal Service San Francisco District is one of the worst offenders and its costing them big bucks. ...

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