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Underground dweller dubbed ‘Moleman' sought by Seattle officials

Neighbors who live in an area of Seattle near Cheasty Boulevard South say they've complained about a man who has dug up extensive ditches in the environmentally protected Cheasty Greenspace.  Ed Neubold said the man, known as "James" and also "Moleman," is ruining some of the city's wetlands by digging ...


Vegan's license plate request denied for being "vulgar"

The plate is supposed to stand for “I love Tofu” but the state of Tennessee thought ILVTOFU had a more adult interpretation. “All I’m trying to do is spread a pro-vegan message with my license plate,” said PETA employee Whitney Calk. Whitney told WKRN-TV, when she got a letter from the ...


Couple attacked after trying to help child locked in a hot car

What started out as a good Samaritan act turned into a nightmare for one Colorado couple. The incident took place in the parking lot of a Dollar Tree store in Longmont. KDVR reports that Shannon Rodriguez, 43, and boyfriend Alan Mason were alarmed when they spotted a child alone in ...


Gardens next to Paris museum overrun with rats instead of tourists

The Louvre is a must-see tourist attraction for those visiting Paris, but there's a very unwelcome visitor in the gardens outside it: rats. (Via Getty Images) "Experts estimate that in Paris there are approximately two rats for every Parisian. And in the Tuileries Gardens next to the Louvre, the furry vermin have ...

Phillip Hugh Norman

Man arrested after talking to bushes, shrubs

When officers arrived, Phillip Norman was asleep in his car. However, earlier that night, Norman was seen stumbling around a parking lot and carrying on a heck of a conversation with several bushes and shrubs. Reports in the News Herald say police in Hickory, North Carolina got a call from ...

Geraldo Rivera is an American attorney, journalist, author, reporter, and former talk show host.

Geraldo Rivera sticks by his controversial marriage comments

Geraldo Rivera’s take on what a woman brings to a marriage has been met with a firestorm of criticism. Rivera made the comments during an appearance on the Fox News show, “Outnumbered.” The topic of discussion was beta marriages, a concept where a trial marriage is formed for a two-year ...

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Internet "fire challenge" burning teenagers across US

The “fire challenge” has shown up on several Internet sites, and many teenagers have acted, setting themselves on fire. One 15-year-old in Lexington, Kentucky found out the hard way exactly how devastating it can be. "I just poured alcohol on it, and lit it, and it just automatically went and ...

Vibrio vulnificus

Fla. health officials warn about flesh-eating bacteria in the water

Florida health officials are warning beachgoers about a dangerous flesh-eating bacteria. Officials say anyone with an open cut needs to stay out of the water. Experts say this bacteria, called vibrio vulnificus, thrives in warm water and can be contracted off Florida's coast or by eating shellfish carrying it such ...

"Overzealous beaver" nearly kills family of four

The family was driving in a heavily wooded area when the tree came crashing down.  The Royal Canadian Mounted Police said, “the vehicle sustained significant damage to the roof, windshield, and to a cargo box that was mounted on the roof.”  “The couple in the front seat of the vehicle ...


Dad allegedly threatens 6-year-old for calling daughter 'ugly'

The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club of Greater Atlanta is seeking a temporary restraining order against a father who allegedly threatened a 6-year-old boy for calling his daughter "ugly," according to The Atlanta-Journal Constitution. Executive Director Lisa Smith said Tuesday the organization turned to the courts out of concern ...

FTC files suits in war on mobile cramming

The Federal Trade Commission has waged a war on companies accused of “mobile cramming,” and they’ve already begun winning some battles. A day after it warned carriers such as AT&T and Verizon to crack down on cramming, officials convinced a court in California to shut down many companies that have ...

Charges dropped against vet tech who allegedly slammed dog into wall

Animal-cruelty charges have been dropped against a former veterinarian's office employee who was caught on camera slamming a dog against a wall in 2013. According to WFTV in Orlando, Stefanie Stasse was fired from the Orange County veterinarian's office where the alleged abuse happened. Deputies investigated the case and turned ...

Man says angry UPS driver gave him noose

UPS is investigating one of its drivers after a man says a carrier handed him a makeshift noose during an office delivery, according to Atlanta's WSB-TV. David Mitchell said part of his job is receiving packages as they come in. He said the driver acted strangely when they first encountered ...

Restaurant's ban on 'noisy children' causes controversy

A popular California restaurant is defending a controversial policy that bans "noisy children," according to KTVU. Many tourists complain that the policy is unfair, but the owner at the Old Fisherman’s Grotto in Monterey says that’s not hurting his bottom line. Fisherman’s Wharf is one of the Monterey Peninsula’s biggest ...

Baby hospitalized after being left in hot car in Fla.

A 2-month-old baby is being treated after authorities said the baby was left in a minivan for about an hour outside a pediatrics clinic in Florida. According to WFTV in Orlando, the child's mother told investigators she was inside the Avalon Park clinic with her 9-year-old Tuesday afternoon when she ...

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