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Cheers when power returns at Puerto Rico school

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  • Credit: Harper Spell

    State troopers step in to babysit to help working mom in childcare pinch

  • Students' 'Super Heroes' mural pays tribute to slain artist

  • Hero busboy returns $1,500 to Wendy's customer who forgot her purse

  • Baby sloth ready for visitors at Pittsburgh National Aviary

  • Courtesy: Kristen Collins

    Army vet stops semi-truck on highway, gets out to salute fallen WWII veteran

  • WATCH: Adorable 8-month-old Goldendoodle loves to bowl

  • Soldier in Iraq hops 10 flights home to witness daughter's birth

  • St. Louis Zoo cheetah gives birth to record eight cubs

  • Golden Retriever unwraps new puppy for Christmas

  • Deputy helps homeless man get ID

  • World War II POW honored with Purple Heart after 73 years

  • Teen surprises dad with adoption papers for his Christmas gift