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Posted: Oct 06, 2016 02:41PM PDT

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Fundraiser for heart disease awareness

The third annual No More Broken Hearts fundraiser aims to raise money and awareness about heart disease. Dr. Joel Kahn was on KTVU FOX 2 News @ 9A to talk about the event.

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  • The creators of a new documentary on the North Bay Fires hope the film can help survivors heal. The premiere was Thursday night in Santa Rosa where some said it felt like reliving the event, which is why grief counselors were standing by.
  • Oakland's mayor and police chief were in attendance at a town hall Thursday night where they wanted to explain how police are making changes to address racial disparities and improve public safety. Jana Katsuyama reports.
  • Reports from southern Missouri say multiple have died, after a tourist boat accident on a lake there.
  • Police in Milpitas are asking for the public's help in identifying a suspect they said violently robbed a man at gunpoint in the parking lot of a popular Asian supermarket. A camera inside the victim's car captured the crime.