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Posted: Apr 18, 2017 01:27PM PDT

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INTERVIEW: Project for Girls

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  • A woman stabbed five people, including three baby girls, at a neighborhood nursery in Flushing, Queens, early Friday, the NYPD said. The woman then tried to end her life. One of the babies is three days old and suffered a stab wound to the stomach, a

    Posted: Sep 21, 2018 02:54PM PDT

    Stabbing spree at nursery

  • A man on vacation in Ocean City, New Jersey captured incredible video of a raccoon scaling the side of a building and climbing several stories.
  • A little girl and her grandfather are tap-dancing their way into hearts across the internet.

    Posted: Sep 21, 2018 12:19PM PDT

    Adorable tap-dancing grandfather-granddaughter duo

  • San Jose police continue their search on Friday for the driver of a car involved in a fatal hit-and-run of a 77-year-old woman. Jesse Gary reports.
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook shows up as new iPhones released on Friday in Palo Alto.

    Posted: Sep 21, 2018 10:44AM PDT

    Apple CEO Tim Cook shows up as new iPhones released

  • Fox Fall... 2018.  911... Gasia, Mike Mibach.  Frank, Julie Mark, Bill.  Last Man STanding, Rel, Bob's Burgers, Simpsons Cool Kids , Empire, NFL, TNF, Family GUy The Gifted

    Posted: Sep 21, 2018 08:55AM PDT

    KTVU FOX Generic Fall 2018 :30 v2

  • President Trump calls Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom a 'clown'
  • The NYPD says at least five people, including three infants, were stabbed at an overnight day care center in Queens.

    Posted: Sep 21, 2018 06:44AM PDT

    3 infants, 2 adults stabbed at unlicensed day care