'Aina Pork Belly Recipe

Kalua Pork Belly Recipe

Pork Belly: 

1. Score Skin and Season with Garlic, Shallot, Salt, Sugar, Thyme and Savory.

2. Place into 600 Hotel Pans and let season for 2 days.

3. Cut Pork Belly into thirds and place onto smoking racks, skin side down. From the moment the smoke stars set a timer for 3 hours and continuously feed soaked wood chips to maintain a constant medium thick smoke.

4. Once pork belly has a golden color and has a good smoke flavor take out of smoker.

5. Wrap the pork belly in one layer of banana leaf, Parchment and foil.

6. Place into a metal 200 pan.

7. Cook in the rational oven at 185 dry and 25% moisture

8. Take out of oven and let rest for 45mins at room temp.

9. Drain the liquid, reserve and press the pork belly in the walkin.

10. Once pork belly is cold, portion into 2 oz pieces.

Steamed Short grain rice:

1. Wash rice three times until water runs clear.

2. Cooked with filtered water, one to one ratio.

3. Let rest for 15 mins for a total of 50 mins.

4. Fluff rice on top and place into the rice warmer and fluff the bottom of the rice.

5. Cover with wet serviet.

Zuckerman Farms Asparagus:

1. Peel the asparagus to remove the stringy fibers.

2. Season with oil, salt and pepper. Grill until al dente. Spray with Yuzu Juice.

Green Garlic Puree:

1. Green Garlic puree

a. Blanched Spinach and Green Garlic.

2. Puree Green Garlic, Spinach, White Shoyu, Confit Garlic, Xanthan gum. Puree until smooth strain.

Kimchi Yield 20#

1 Q Gochugaru

¾ Q Garlic

¾ Q Ginger, Peeled

3/4Q Rice Wine Vinegar

1 C Honey

#30 12 heads Cabbage, Napa

5% Salt by weight of cabbage.

1. Cut Cabbage into quarters lengthwise.

2. Salt the cabbage for 3 hours.

3. Wash Cabbage and Drain, squeeze out excess water.

4. Puree Gochugaru, Rice wine vinegar, Garlic, Honey, Ginger,

Garlic and Honey.

5. Mix Cabbage with paste and weight down if needed.

6. Let sit for 2 days before using.


1. Fried Pork Skin

a. Clean off all the fat and braise in water, vinegar and salt.

b. Dehydrate until dry. Fry at 400 degrees until it puffs up.

c. Season with togarashi, Salt, citric acid, lemon, lime and orange zest.

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