"Downtown LA Predator" leaves Rohnert Park amidst community pressure

- A sex offender, who posts videos of himself accosting women, has apparently moved out of Sonoma County after just one week.

Dan Cilley, 33, informed Rohnert Park Public Safety on Monday that he has returned to Los Angeles, where he was the self-proclaimed "Downtown LA Predator" for several years.

Cilley had a reputation for wandering the streets, taping hours of video, which he uploaded to Youtube.
The videos show him initiating crude, sexually explicit conversations with women, some of them under 18.

"People think I'm a bad person, and my challenge is to show I'm a good person," Cilley declared on a more recent video, posted Saturday in Rohnert Park before his departure.

In the video, Cilley complains about being "thrown out" of a food festival, and also a  hostile reaction he got from a woman he approached. "That Asian woman, she had big boobs, it was sad she didn't want me to carry her groceries for her, all I did was ask if she's married," he rambles.

Cilley came to Rohnert Park to live with his father in the McDouall Apartments on College View Drive, after he was convicted of harassing and annoying a fifteen year old girl who he followed and videotaped.       

"His opinion is that the laws are too strict and he should be able to fulfill is desires," Rohnert Park Police Commander Aaron Johnson told KTVU. "We know his access to children in this community is abundant if he chose to become physical."

Over the weekend, after police posted flyers in the apartment complex with Cilley's photo and background, concern grew among residents.

"We got notice from the apartment building saying that he needed to leave," said a family friend, who answered at Cilley's father's apartment.

"He had a job lined up and everything but he had abandon it and go back to LA," explained the unidentified acquaintance. "But he did try."

In a complex full of families with children and teens, Cilley's presence made people anxious, especially those who have watched his videos. 

"I looked at everything, I looked at Facebook, everything, just to know what this man is capable of," neighbor Angel Iniguez told KTVU, " and it was really creepy and disturbing, not what a normal person would say."

From L.A., Cilley continues to post long, jumbled lectures on finding happiness through positive thinking and a healthy diet. And he seems to be shrugging off his cold reception in Sonoma County.

"I went to Rohnert Park and they hated me there," he states, "but at least I got their attention."

During his brief stay, Cilley told police he hoped to eventually rent a house and start a polygamous colony in which he had children with as many women as possible.

Rohnert Park investigators are now waiting for confirmation that he has re-registered as a sex offender in his new location.

"Not that we want it to be somebody else's problem but we just want our community to be safe," said Commander Johnson, "and we can't be certain of his intentions. In one of his Youtube posts he talks about if a woman was worth it, he would chase her down, if he knew he could get her."

Under terms of his probation, Cilley is supposed to receive mental health counseling twice a week.

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