Posted: 12:06 a.m. Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bay Area cyclists, protect those eyes

By Evan Borders -


While cycling, most of us protect our heads with a helmet, but let’s not forget about the other two necessary parts needed to cycle: our eyes.

KTVU recently visited the home of Oakley eyewear in San Francisco at their store on Market Street. James Smith, the store Assistant Manager and Optician showed us various types of cycling specific glasses that would help keep riders eyes protected and help one focus on the road or trail.

James pointed out the fact that all eyewear worn while cycling should be ANSI rated for impact protection. ANSI (American National Standards Institute) impact tests are the gold standard for measuring safety. So a high impact standard will protect riders against heavy objects at low speeds and lighter objects at high speeds. For example, when you’re going 25 miles down the road on your bike, a pair of glasses ANSI rated will save your eye from that small pebble unfortunately kicked up from that car in front of you.

“Oakley eyewear is the only manufacturer with an ANSI Z80 7.1 rating on every pair of sports eyewear that we make,” said James. “Means that it meets the ANSI requirements for optical clarity, impact resistance; everything we do meets that mark. All of our lenses are interchangeable, and any interchangeable lens that you put into the frame is going to provide the same protection.”

Aside from protecting your eyes, it’s also recommended that cyclists have eyewear that is comfortable and stays in place. Versatility is important too, which is why some cycling glasses come with different colored lenses, while others allow you to specify prescription optics.

For more information about Oakley eyewear and impact protection, visit

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