Giants: What's new at AT&T Park this season?


The Giants have officially taken the field at AT&T Park after splitting their opening series in LA against the Dodgers. That’s exciting. But there’s more to be excited for as the club rolls out a slew of new things to explore and taste. There’s new burgers and safety nets, acai bowls and poke. Come hungry, leave uncomfortably full, and with rad giveaway items.


This season the Giants are celebrating 60 years in San Francisco. And for it, they’ll be offering up all sorts of themed take-homes. Look for college and Irish heritage night giveaways during the opening week. And mark your calendar for the many more to come.


Alright, now to an increasingly important part of the fan experience. The Giants organization has created an atmosphere that attracts all levels of fans. Make your way to the inside portion of club level and the vibe has a MoMo’s patio, tailgate-like feel. And a big part of the experience, one that makes its way to conversations in and out of the ball park, is the food. This year they’ve added some notable items.


We tried a hearty bunch of new offerings and compiled a list of ones you shouldn't miss. The  list goes as follows:




Signature Burger –

Introducing the “Juicy Lou.” Heck. Yes. It’s a diner-style, cheese stuffed masterpiece that will surely make a pleasurable mess. Shout out to Giants mascot Lou Seal, the meat marvel creator. Find the burger exclusively at the McGraw Grill.


The Organic Coup –

Holy smokes. If you haven’t had their chicken sandwich, have it. Have it immediately at the next game you go to. The local company prides themselves on being the nation’s first USDA certified organic fast food joint. That sandwich isn’t what’s new, though. It just has to be mentioned. What’s new is the acai bowl. It’s powerfully packed with healthy goodness for anyone wishing to veer from the bevy of unhealthy grub offered throughout the stadium.


The Garden –

Get your greens. And more. There’s seasonal salads inspired by what’s sprouting in the garden that sits just beyond the center field wall. The space isn’t new, but the offerings are. Picture this: delightful soft serve topped with homegrown sliced strawberries, blueberries and kiwis. That’s a thing this year.


Amped-up dogs –

For the classic fan who eye-rolls at the thought of an on-site garden or crab sandwich, the park has gassed up their hotdog game. From foot long chili and cheese to topping-heavy “Chicago-Style” dogs, get yourself a faithful baseball treat. Side note: find Say Hay pineapple or spicy linguica sausages.  They’re proper.


Poke –

Because poke is hotter than a sunburn right now. They seem to be popping up on every Bay Area corner, and now you can snag some over rice, organic greens or tortilla chips at “Da Poke Man Window.”


Garlic Fries –

Same taste-bud-popping treasure, new display. The fan favorite is now available in a souvenir helmet. Taste related satisfaction has not been altered with the new setup. We double checked.


An assortment of “you will be full” kind of stuff –

McCovey’s BBQ is now serving up a ribs platter. It’s sticky and delicious and you get two sides. Word to the baked beans. Tony’s Slice House has a chicken parmesan sandwich and fried ricotta-stuffed ravioli with marinara. What up, carbs?


Cream –

Cookies rule everything. Cream's ice cream sandwiches are not new at the ballpark. But they're delicious, so they made the list. Visit the stand, because you’re in the Bay Area, and it is practically your duty.




There’s major stuff you shouldn't miss:

  1. Barry Bonds number retirement. It’s happening on August 1. In celebration of the tremendous Giant, the club will retire the number 25. He joins an elite group as the 12th member of the organization to have his number retired. First 20,000 fans will receive a number 25 hat.
  2. Wall of Fame. On July 28, two new plaques will be added to the team’s Wall of Fame, which serves as a living tribute to the club’s greatest players. Former pitchers Matt Cain and Ryan Vogelsong will be the 50th and 51st to be displayed.

Cool 60th anniversary giveaways:

  • 60th anniversary Willie Mays bobblehead, April 7 against the Dodgers
  • 60th anniversary Willie McCovey bobblehead, June 3 against the Phillies
  • 60th anniversary Giants Mt. Crushmore statue, June 24 against the Padres
  • Giants-Dodgers collector’s rivalry pin on April 8 against the Dodgers


Mark you calendar for…

  • College nights, April 4-18
  • Metallica Night, April 23
  • Jerry Garcia Tribute night, Aug 9


Ballpark Pass

The Giants started in San Francisco in 1958 – 60 years ago. And in honor of this point in their history, fans can pay $19.58 per month and have a standing room only ticket for nearly every home game. Opening Day and Bonds’ Number Retirement Day are excluded. Hang out at the Jack Daniels Bar, stand near the Arcade section or upgrade to a seat. For more information, visit here.


Expanded netting

AT&T Park has extended the protective netting beyond the dugouts to enhance safety for fans. An extension was added in 2016, but the expansion system for this season features vertical support poles, which is less obtrusive than the previous cables.


Final thoughts?

The Giants have successfully created a platform for ball park experiences in many forms. From the person who never leaves their seat and has a handheld radio for listening to Jon Miller’s call, to the one who hardly watches a full inning without moseying around to grab another bite, there’s a space for all.


But above satisfying appetites and unveiling amenities, the Giants need to win ball games.

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