High School student shot and killed in Concord near Olympic High School


The feelings on Tuesday were shock mixed with grief at a vigil for a Concord teenager

gunned down only hours before near his high school. 


Friends identified the teen as 17-year-old Lawrence Janson, who was a senior at Olympic Continuation High School on Salvio Street. His parents, Raul Bravo and Jeanine Janson, came to a growing memorial outside his school. "He didn't deserve this," Bravo said. "Cowards, cowards taking my son's life."


"He was a good boy," his mother sobbed.


At about 1:30 p.m., half an hour after classes let out, Lawrence was with three friends at the corner of Sylvio and Beach Streets when a car pulled up, and a passenger got out and opened fire. No motive was given.  


"I just miss my homie, I just saw him a couple of hours ago, this is ridiculous," said an upset classmate who pedaled up to the taped-off crime scene on his bicycle. "He was a good kid. Never was in anything crazy, just kicked it with me and my friends, and we don't do nothing stupid." 


Neighbors said the Monday afternoon ambush happened so quickly, when they ran outside, everyone was gone. 


"The first thing I heard was the bangs, four bangs," said Salvador Herrera, two doors down from the shooting. "I heard voices, somebody screaming. But when I came out I didn't see anybody or anything."    


Lawrence, wounded, managed to run and climb over a fence, dropping onto the Olympic High campus. A janitor and other staff found him collapsed on the school quad, and called paramedics, but he died at the hospital. 


"We do believe this teenager was targeted, and this was a very tragic incident," Concord Police Lt. Nick Gartner said at the scene. "We believe he was targeted by the passenger by getting out and walking up to him and firing several rounds at him." 


Police described the suspect car as a late-model, four door sedan, possibly a Toyota, dark color, possibly black.   


They say Lawrence and the gunman argued briefly before several shots rang out.  


Police are looking for witnesses, and have been interviewing Lawrence's friends who saw the violence unfold. 


"I'm angry, I'm mad, I want to scream, I want to cry," said Amber Hom, owner of the real estate office on the same corner as the shooting. 


A bullet penetrated the wall of her lobby, and Hom's assistant and another agent dove under their desks. 


"She heard pop, pop, pop and she recognized the sound of the bullet holes so she said 'get down, get down,' so they did. "


Hom said two girls who were with Lawrence ran into her office for safety during those chaotic moments.


She notes anyone might have been hit, and she is horrified at the loss of a young life. 


"I'm just angry and sick. I have a myriad of emotions right now, especially with all this shooting stuff. I'm just shaken from it," Hom said.


Police are reviewing surveillance video from the area. They say they have no indication the attack was gang related. 


Lawrence's friends described him as loyal, outgoing and independent.


"He would cheer at games for his friends, and not care what anyone thinks," said Christian Juarez, a graduate of Mt. Diablo High School. 


"He'll support you, he'll help you, he'll always be there for you. He was close to me and I'll always have him in my heart no matter what."    










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