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Posted: Jan 23 2019 07:47PM PST

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Sebring bank shooting suspect charged with murder

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  • Five people are dead after a man walked into a Sebring bank and opened fire Wednesday afternoon. The Sebring Police Department said the suspect, Zephen Xaver, called 911 to report what he’d done before barricading himself inside.

    Sebring bank shooting suspect charged with murder

  • If you're a federal employee and you live in Fremont, you could get free gas. KTVU's Ann Rubin reports.

    Free gas for federal employees in Fremont

  • Air traffic controllers are handing out leaflets to passengers at SFO and Oakland International airports, asking them to contact their local representatives and urge an end to the government shutdown. KTVU's Cristina Rendon reports.

    Air traffic controllers urge passengers to contact local representatives

  • More help is in the works for San Jose residents suffering from the lingering effects of the partial government shutdown. There was a long line at San Jose International Airport for Second Harvest Food Bank, which was distributing food to federal emp

    Second Harvest Food Bank gives food to federal workers missing paychecks

  • SF's sanctuary city law part of debate

    Extradition delay over Uber driver accused of rape

  • House Democrats on Wednesday plan to introduce legislation that would raise the nationwide minimum age to buy assault-style rifles from 18 to 21.

    House Dems introducing bill to raise minimum age to buy assault rifles

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