Posted: 8:00 p.m. Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Landlord says cop-impersonator was pathological liar


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Jeffrey Bugai


San Francisco prosecutors say the crimes allegedly committed by 35 year-old Jeffrey Bugai began in November, 2008 at the El Trebor bar in the city's Mission District. Investigators said the San Francisco security guard allegedly kidnapped two Central American men while impersonating a police officer.

He was arrested July 10th and now faces felony charges including kidnapping with the intent to commit sexual assaults and is being held in San Francisco County Jail #2 on a $2.1 million bond.

"It's a very serious charge. It actually has a life sentence attached to it," said San Francisco County District Attorney's Office spokesman Alex Bastian. "This is a nightmare scenario if I've ever heard of one. You have a person who's purporting to be a law enforcement officer and he's kidnapping people, allegedly."

Bugai declined interview requests Monday and Tuesday but people who know him are stepping forward with stories of bitter legal fights and allegations of harassment.

Bugai's landlord describes him as a pathological liar. He spoke to KTVU Tuesday on the condition we not show his face or share his name.

Legal documents obtained by KTVU detail a two year-old battle over rent, repairs and alleged racism. "Put an ad out for a room for rent and you never know what you're going to get," said the landlord. "My wife's Latin-American. He sent an email saying that he condoned killing all illegal aliens. He would harass all the other tenants, like verbally."

KTVU obtained four separate requests for restraining orders filed by Bugai between October, 2007 and April, 2014. In one, he alleges homophobic slurs from a roommate in his Bayview District apartment building. At least one person has filed a restraining order against him as well. A longtime neighborhood resident described Bugai as "irrational" and said he constantly picked fights with people on the street.

The documents detail Bugai's allegations that roommates and his landlord threatened him with violence. Bugai last year filed a complaint with San Francisco's Human Rights Commission alleging his landlord harassed him based on his HIV status. The Commission ruled against Bugai in December.

The San Francisco Residential Rent Stabilization and Arbitration Board on Wednesday is set to hear Bugai's complaints against his landlord, who hopes the allegations will be dismissed.

"At one point, he wouldn't pay his rent and he told me he was gonna arrest me and I asked him 'How could you arrest me- you're not even a police officer,'" said Bugai's landlord. "We were in the process of evicting him and now he's in jail. So obviously, hopefully, he's not coming back and we'll get resolution from that."

Court documents obtained by KTVU from two Michigan cities show Bugai was prosecuted in 1998 for misdemeanor criminal sexual conduct involving coercion and in 1999 for impersonating a health care professional. A 1997 post on by a Jeffrey Bugai says he worked for the San Francisco Housing Authority and the San Francisco Police Patrol Special. Both told KTVU Monday they had no record of his hiring.

Bugai is being represented by the San Francisco Public Defender's Office. In a statement Tuesday, Deputy Public Defender Phoenix Streets said, "It is time we step back and gain some perspective in this case. The sex charge against Mr. Bugai is based on a single accusation with no corroborating evidence. At present, the vast majority of evidence I have received from the district attorney's office appears to be focused on Mr. Bugai's personality rather than the crime for which he's being charged. This leads me to believe that law enforcement is more concerned with character assassination than a search for the truth."

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