Posted: 11:24 p.m. Monday, Sept. 30, 2013

Robberies on the rise in Oakland, nation's robbery capital

Rash of burglaries in Oakland's Temescal neighborhood
Rash of burglaries in Oakland's Temescal neighborhood

By Eric Rasmussen

OAKLAND, Calif. —

In a city that already has the distinction of having the highest rate of robberies per capita in the nation, new statistics show the number of robberies in Oakland was still on the rise.

As of Sept. 22, there had been 3,856 robberies in Oakland, putting it on pace for more than 5300 by the end of this year. That's about one thousand more than 2012 and two thousand more than 2011. The city now averages almost 15 robberies a day.

On Monday, KTVU tracked several more robbery calls. Around 12:30pm, officers responded to a statuary store on Edes and 105th avenues, where two men wearing hooded sweatshirts robbed four people at gunpoint, including customers and the owner of the store. He told KTVU one of the men pistol whipped him as he was giving up his money.

In north Oakland, business owners say the problem includes repeated burglaries. After KTVU reported on the rash of crime on Sunday, a store owner said a police captain called with an apology and a commitment to assign a detective to the unsolved cases. City wide, burglaries are down slightly, after a spike in 2012.

Others say Oakland police response times were still a problem. The owner of Frohm's Martial Arts Academy on Foothill Blvd. says he was unable to get an officer to take a report over the weekend, when a stray bullet came through his studio. “When I called back to find out if they were coming, they said I was incident number 700,” said Ernest Frohm III.

While police did not comment for KTVU’s report Monday, they have said the department is adding more officers, focusing on hotspots and doing more proactive patrols. Frohm told KTVU he considers his work with kids part of the solution too.

“I feel like a couple of generations past, we dropped the ball and our kids are now suffering,” said Frohm.

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