Posted: 10:02 a.m. Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Starbucks increases the cost of its coffee

starbucks file photo
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starbucks file photo

By Brian Flores


Headed to Starbucks today? Expect to shell out more change for that cup of joe.

Starbucks is rolling out price increases for certain coffee drinks. Customers can expect to pay 5-to-20 cents more depending on their coffee drink of choice.

Coffee market analysts said the price increase is because of drought conditions in Brazil -- the largest producer of Arabica beans in the world.

It’s being reported that prices for coffee on the market have increased 53 percent this year. The increase has other coffee producing countries like Costa Rica and Guatemala increasing their output.

In Walnut Creek at the Starbucks off N. Main St., customers said they don’t mind the price increase, at least for now.

“I’m probably not going to notice,” said Pete Denovie. “It’s really not going to change my habits over it.”

Others, however, said they can’t believe the price of coffee and coming to Starbucks is turning into a treat instead of a habit.

“I do know the current prices are keeping me from coming everyday,” said Angelique Horton of Hayward. “I usually come twice a week, but that may drop now to once a week.”

The company could not be reached for comment on Tuesday morning. Reportedly the price for other drinks like iced teas, frappuchino’s and food items will not be affected by the price increase.

However, a price for a bag of coffee at grocery stores is expected to increase also.

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