Posted: 10:23 a.m. Wednesday, Aug. 21, 2013

Craziest, ugliest and drunkest states revealed

New York City
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New York City (FILE PHOTO)

Did you ever stop to observe your surroundings and were convinced you lived in the most beautiful state in America?

Or, maybe, you had some late nights out and believe you live in the drunkest state.

Business Insider conducted a very unscientific and very entertaining poll asking Americans to express their opinions about the states in a variety of silly and subjective categories. 

Respondents could not answer questions with the state in which they live. More than 1,600 people took the survey online and the answers help us get a rough picture of the opinions Americans hold about certain states.

The Business Insider survey has a heat map for each of the questions asked that show the intensity of responses. You can check those out here. But for a quick look at the results see the summary below.

Weirdest Accent: Massachusetts. Honorable mention: Louisiana, Alabama, Minnesota, New York and New Jersey

Best Food: New York. Honorable mention: California and Louisiana• Worst food: Alaska wins, but followed closely by Mississippi

Favorite state: California. Runners-up: Colorado, New York and Florida

Least favorite: Texas was pretty much the runaway winner, but Mississippi and California also received several votes.

Craziest: California dominated this category, though Florida, New York and Texas received votes

Hottest residents: Another landslide victory for California.

Ugliest residents: The South is curiously well represented with Alabama being the winner and strong showings by Mississippi, Arkansas, West Virginia, Kentucky and Arkansas.

Most beautiful scenery: Colorado and Hawaii were top of the class, followed by Alaska, Montana and California

Worst scenery: Kansas and New Jersey were the winners, but many states received votes

Drunkest state: Louisiana was the landslide winners.

Most arrogant state: New York wins, followed by Texas and California.which

Rudest: New York.

Nicest: Georgia was the winner and the South had a good showing in this category. Minnesota was a close second.

More results:

Smartest: Massachusetts

Dumbest: Mississippi

Best sports fans: New York

Worst sports fans: Also New York

Most overrated: California

Most underrated: Oregon, Alaska and Maine

Finally the winner of which state should be kicked out of the U.S.? An amazing 21 percent of survey responses said Texas has to go. 

Read the complete survey results

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