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California Earthquake damage

Eric Risberg

Napa quake leads to clamor for warning system

Ten seconds before a severe earthquake in California's wine country caused the ground to rumble throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, a university lab in the city of Berkeley got the alert that the seismic waves were rolling its way.


Great Quake

1906 Quake 1

Images From 1906 Earthquake

Raw photos of the aftermath of the 1906 earthquake courtesy of the San Francisco Museum

Preparing Your Family

Preparing Your Family

Do your children know what to do in an earthquake? Here's an easy-to-use guide on what to tell your children to get them ready for an earthquake and how to eliminate earthquake dangers.

Earthquake Survival Tips

Earthquake Tips

Quake Video Reports

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Preparing For The Next Big One

cea quake shelf

Secure It

When it comes to earthquake preparation you should secure anything 1) heavy enough to hurt you if it falls on you, or 2) fragile and/or expensive enough to be a significant loss if it falls.

Small Quakes in the Bay Area

Seismograph (File Photo)

Small quakes rattle Bay Area communities

Five small earthquakes rattled the Bay Area early Monday, but no damage was reported, officials said.

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