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Antolin Garcia Torres in court on 12/12/12 Staff

Prosecutors still sorting through evidence in Lamar case

The Sierra LaMar murder and kidnap case was delayed in a San Jose courtroom Monday to the following month so prosecutors could continue sifting through evidence still coming in from law enforcement agencies, according to a prosecutor.

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Search for Sierra LaMar

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weather graphic July 9

Thursday Weather Forecast: Cooler temps

There will be a big push of low clouds and fog late Wednesday night making for a cloudy start for most of the Bay Area on Thursday.

Thursday on the KTVU News at 5

Thursday on the KTVU News at 5: Odometer Fraud Victims

2 Investigates was there when police arrested one of the biggest odometer fraud suspects in the Bay Area.

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2 Investigates

2 Investigates: Designer Drug Trafficking

Millions of dollars in synthetic drugs are smuggled in to the United States every year, and one of the main choke points to stop overseas shipments is located here in the Bay Area.

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New menu items at the 49ers Levi's Stadium

Levi's Stadium opened its kitchen doors to the media for the first time Wednesday, July 9th to show what 49er fans will get to choose from when it comes to food.

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