SAN FRANCISCO: SF cop's video of car speeding through Broadway Tunnel

This video, posted to the Facebook page of San Francisco Police Sgt. Carl T, caused an uproar as it shows a speeding driver and had comments indicating that everyone in the car was drunk.
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weather graphic July 12

Weekend Weather Forecast: Sunny skies ahead

Low clouds and fog will gradually clear back to near the shoreline Saturday, revealing partly to mostly sunny skies.

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2 Investigates

2 Investigates: Customers come forward in East Bay odometer fraud case

At least 13 former customers of California Car Sales in Antioch have come forward after 2 Investigates reported on the arrest of dealership owner Jorge Guevara back in June, telling KTVU they purchased vehicles with altered odometers from the used car lot.

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Wind, bikes, and the Tour de France

Chris Yu, a wind tunnel expert at Specialized Bikes in Morgan Hill explains how research at their wind tunnel helps out their team riders at the challenging Tour de France.