SPECIAL REPORT: Lax medical board allowing bad doctors to continue practicing

Patients usually are able to put their trust in medical professionals, but in the Bay Area some bad doctors are showing up with perfect records because the medical board that oversees them isn't doing its job.
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weather graphic July 10

Friday Weather Forecast: Temps hold steady

No big changes for your Friday forecast with temperatures very similar to Thursday’s with highs in the low 60s coastside to mid-80s in our warmest inland spots.

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2 Investigates

2 Investigates: Customers come forward in East Bay odometer fraud case

At least 13 former customers of California Car Sales in Antioch have come forward after 2 Investigates reported on the arrest of dealership owner Jorge Guevara back in June, telling KTVU they purchased vehicles with altered odometers from the used car lot.

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New menu items at the 49ers Levi's Stadium

Levi's Stadium opened its kitchen doors to the media for the first time Wednesday, July 9th to show what 49er fans will get to choose from when it comes to food.