Ferris wheel in Golden Gate Park could be spinning until 2025

The new Ferris wheel in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park was set to be removed after a few months.

But efforts are now underway to keep the attraction there for much longer.

The Sky Star Observation Wheel was brought to San Francisco as part of The City's 150th-anniversary celebration of the park.

The 150-foot-tall ride was supposed to be taken down in March.

 But the pandemic prevented people from enjoying the attraction, and it was very popular, so park leaders are proposing the city keep the observation wheel in place until 2025.

"We'd like to keep it around for a little while longer," said Phil Ginsburg, director of San Francisco's Parks and Recreation Department. "We want it to aid the city's economic recovery, we want it to support our fabulous museums, the DeYoung and the Academy." 

San Francisco's Ferris wheel at Golden Gate Park. October 2020 Credit: Ryan Fitzsimons