KTVU launches 'That Kid's Got Game'

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KTVU is kicking off “That Kid’s Got Game,” and we couldn't be more excited. It’s time to unveil all of the unique sports skills you have stored on your cell phone. 

We want to see your kid’s game. Trick shots, imitations of their favorite player, or simply a move far more advanced than what would be expected. 

Here's a pair of examples of kids showcasing their skills:

From a long-range basketball shot or a martial arts milestone, to a skateboarding trick or a softball web gem – record it and send it. 


We’ll be compiling our favorites and broadcasting them on our YouTube channel – which will filter through our other social accounts – with the chance for the clip to appear on our newscast. 

There’s three ways to get us the video of your kid in action:

  1. Message us on our official KTVU Facebook page.
  2. Tweet to us @KTVU and use #ThatKidsGotGame
  3. Or, if you like the privacy aspect of email, please send to KTVUwebproducers@foxtv.com and provide "That Kids Got Game" in the subject line. 

Please include a description of where the video was shot and provide brief details. The video must be your kid or family member and you must be the owner of the video.