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Posted: Sep 24 2018 07:42AM PDT

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Police introduce litter of new 'paw enforcement' recruits

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  • Queensland Police welcomed nine adorable new recruits to their ranks this summer, which they're calling the

    Police introduce litter of new 'paw enforcement' recruits

  • Joel Tapia, a teenage soccer player from New Jersey, scored a low-percentage goal in the final minutes of a game on Monday to help his team beat a squad they’d lost to for three straight years. 

    That Kid's Got Game: Teenage soccer player pulls off the unlikely

  • A southern white rhino calf at a Tampa zoo is the latest addition to a nearly threatened species. Courtesy: ZooTampa of Lowry Park

    Southern white rhino calf born at ZooTampa

  • Monte Francis reports on a freeway shooting that killed an emotional support dog.

    Dog dies in freeway shooting

  • Cody Wilson, the Austin man responsible for posting 3D gun blueprints online, is back in the US.

    Cody Wilson back in US

  • Oakland police towed 85 cars and made two arrests resulting from sideshow activity at various locations throughout the city early Saturday morning. KTVU's Leigh Martinez reports.

    At least 85 cars towed at Oakland sideshow

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