San Jose Sharks fans bleed teal to fight for Stanley Cup

The San Jose Sharks are now 13 wins away from winning the Stanley Cup. They beat the Anaheim Ducks on Monday with a 8-1 victory in their first home playoff game. It was a sold-out crowd of 17,000 fans.

San Jose Sharks ushered in playoff mode at the SAP Center for the team's first home game in the Stanley Cup playoffs against the Anaheim Ducks. Cathy Wolfe said she bleeds teal. She was among the hundreds of fans who marched down Santa Clara Street from San Pedro Square to the tank to show her pride.

"I’m pumped, amped doing that march was awesome” said Wolfe. “That was the first time we've done that. That was great.”

Other fans painted their faces, some wore masks, even dressed as sharks. One man known as “Sir Pinzalot” was covered in pins.

While the sharks typically make it to the playoffs, they've never won the Stanley Cup. The closest they've gotten in their 27-year franchise history was two years ago when the team made it the Stanley Cup Finals.

Fans like Barbara Werner of San Jose are confident this is the year. 

“We are making it this year,” she said. “It's just our time, working hard. You have to believe. I’m a hardcore fan. I firmly believe. We got the spirit. We got the talent and it's our time"

“It’s quite an accomplishment to make the playoffs, only half the team in the NHL make the playoffs, this is our 13th time in the last 14 years,” said San Jose Sharks President John Tortora. 
Tortora is cautiously optimistic as the Sharks lead the series dubbed “Duck Hunt.” 

“The Ducks are a very tough opponent,” Tortora said. “One game at a time, one shift at a time. We take it that way, the result will take care of itself.”

Sharks Former Defenseman Dan Boyle won the Stanley Cup, when he played for the Tampa Bay Lightning in 2004. He agrees it's no easy feat.

“It’s the hardest trophy,” said Former Sharks Defenseman Dan Boyle. “The hardest sport to win at. It's tough, very tough.”

Win or lose, Stahlke has been attending Sharks games with his daughters for the past 15 years. It’s time to bond and root on their favorite home team.

"My girls they just love this,” said Tim Stahlke of San Jose. “Long after I’m gone they'll remember coming to hockey games with me. It’s very special.”

The San Jose Sharks come back Wednesday night for Game Four against the Ducks at the Shark Tank. They're expecting another sold out crowd.