5 detained for carjacking of woman with child in Piedmont: Police

A carjacking was reported out of Piedmont Sunday morning involving a woman with a child, police said. Police have since recovered the car and arrested a suspect.

The California Highway Patrol located the car on International Avenue in Oakland and with the assistance of the Oakland Police Department, arrested five men. 

Piedmont police said authorities were able to track the stolen BMW throughout Oakland with the assistance of the automaker before accessing it finally at 4 p.m.

A 19-year-old from Rodeo was taken to Santa Rita Jail for the carjacking and possession of a stolen vehicle. The four other suspects were identified then released.

Earlier Sunday, police said the woman was putting her child into her car in the 1200 block of Grand Ave. when two suspects approached and demanded her purse, keys, and cell phone. 

The suspects allowed the woman to remove her child from the car before fleeing with it. 


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