Tesla fights California's proposed solar tax

Tesla has launched a website to fight California's proposed solar panel tax and rollback of incentives for the renewable energy source.

Tesla, which sells solar roofs and solar panels, is inviting the public to use the webpage to complain to Gov. Newsom and the California Public Utilities Commission about the proposal. 

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the state's plan to raise fees and cut incentives is a "bizarre anti-environment move."

Renewable energy should be encouraged by the states, Tesla says.

The CPUC is proposing to limit discounts on solar-powered homes as well as how much money people receive when selling extra energy to utility companies. 

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PG&E and California's other big power generators argue the discounts are too big and these customers aren't paying their fair share for the operation of the electrical grid.

If the CPUC approves the proposal, it could double the time it takes California residents to make back their investment on rooftop solar panels and storage systems.

The CPUC is expected to vote later this month on the proposal.