Loophole allowed landlord developer to evict Hayward apartment complex

A plan to provide more affordable housing in Hayward has come with some unforeseen consequences. As an existing building was reclassified as affordable housing, many tenants were forced out. Hayward has a just cause Eviction ordinance. It means a landlord can't evict someone without good reason.

Fremont husband, father of teen, identified as pedestrian killed in Hayward

A Fremont man's family says they're searching for answers and want to know how his life could have ended in a fatal Hayward pedestrian collision that killed him and injured another this week. KTVU's Amber Lee reports the accident happened when an argument between two people spilled onto the street. Police have not identified the other person involved.

Striking teachers shout down school board, meeting ends

New Haven Unified School District teachers are in their second week on the picket lines. Tuesday's school board meeting ended abruptly when teachers and parents filled the room and shouted down the board, who eventually left. KTVU's Jana Katsuyama reports.

Hayward officers cleared in Agustin Gonsalez' shooting death

Family members of 29-year-old Agustin Gonsalez met with their attorneys on Tuesday to read the Alameda County District Attorney's final report in the deadly police shooting from six months ago. The DA has decided not to charge two officers in the man's shooting death in Hayward. KTVU's Amber Lee reports.

Students partake in Alameda County Sheriff's use of force training

High school students in the East Bay got a firsthand look at what it's like to walk in the shoes of an Alameda County Sheriff deputy. The sheriff's department offered students a use of force training course complete with simulations of aggressive suspects. KTVU's Paul Chambers reports.

Setting up students for success

Breaking the cycle of poverty by enabling students to stay in school, head for college, or find a pathway to a career are the goals of an effort led by Cal State East Bay as part of a partnership program called Hayward Promise Neighborhood.