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Impossible Foods: Making meat from plants

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  • Chocolate Stout Cupcakes and Shaved Squash Salad

  • Cocktail: Breakfast in Bombay

  • Margarita recipes

  • Recipes from Olivia Colt, Salt & Honey Catering + Events

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  • Empty the Shelters Day finds pets home across the Bay Area

  • Author Laura Numeroff joins Mornings on 2 to discuss new book

  • Author of Levi Strauss book joins Mornings on 2

  • Pet of the Day: Savannah

  • Our Pet of the Day: Auggie

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Impossible Foods: Making meat from plants

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  • About six years ago Pat Brown created Impossible Foods to create healthy and affordable meat from plants using a fraction of the water, land and energy it takes to make traditional meat.

    Impossible Foods: Making meat from plants

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