Latest job reports defy economic gravity

The latest jobs reports seem to continue to defy economic gravity. Despite the bank scare, massive tech layoffs and a slowing economy, the job market remains robust with 236,000 new jobs with unemployment at rock bottom; 3.6%.

Despite layoffs, one million California jobs remain open

Executive outplacement company Challenger, Gray & Christmas says layoffs more than doubled last month. But with unemployment at just 3.7%, and continuing to decrease, a more in depth and in perspective look at the numbers is important.

High-tech tug of war

Lawyer and former EDD director Michael Bernick said the more layoffs, means the more competition. There are currently 45,000 open high-tech jobs in California.

Woman charged with benefits scam using Scott Peterson's name

A California woman was charged with using the names of convicted killers, including Scott Peterson, to collect more than $145,000 in fraudulent unemployment benefits — a small but headline-grabbing part of more than $20 billion stolen in similar scams during the coronavirus pandemic, prosecutors said Wednesday.

Californian sentenced for $27M phony COVID aid attempt

A Southern California man who tried to obtain $27 million in unemployment benefits by falsely claiming his business was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic was sentenced Tuesday to more than 11 years in federal prison.

EDD must now expand language access to non-English speakers

A group of California advocates are claiming victory after reaching a settlement with the EDD over providing more language services to non-English speakers. Among the key provisions is $21 million to enhance multilingual services.

Letters out to verify frozen EDD disability claims, delays persist

Amid a leadership change at the California EDD, legitimate disability insurance claimants who were suddenly cut off say they're still unable to get their benefits, despite asking lawmakers for help or trying to communicate with the troubled department.

California EDD freezes 345,000 disability insurance claims

California's Employment Development Department has frozen 345,000 claims for disability benefits while it investigates fraud and a widespread identity theft scam. The EDD's suspicions were piqued by a sudden surge in applications for benefits.