How much money it takes to be 'rich' in America for 2024

A recent study utilizing IRS data reveals that the income required to be considered "rich" varies widely across the U.S., reflecting regional differences in cost of living, local economies, and tax structures.

Bad service, no tip: Most Americans demand quality before tipping

A recent YouGov poll reveals that as tipping becomes an expected norm in increasingly varied sectors amid rising living costs, over half of Americans now express a growing resentment towards tipping, opting to leave no tip for subpar service.

How often does the IRS audit?

While the IRS accepts most tax returns, there are certain mistakes to avoid that may prompt the agency to take a closer look at your documents.

America's top 1% has total net worth of $44 trillion

Recent Federal Reserve data reveals that America's wealthiest 1%, with assets exceeding $11 million, amassed a record $44.6 trillion in wealth by the end of the fourth quarter of 2023, with fluctuations observed based on geographical location.