6 arrested in Linden on suspicion of rooster fighting ring

Six suspects were arrested in Linden on suspicion of engaging in a rooster fighting ring, the San Joaquin County Sheriff's Office said Thursday.   

Patrol deputies responded Sunday to the area of North Escalon-Bellota and East Flood roads on a report of people trespassing on private property and were believed to be partaking in rooster fights.   

At the scene, deputies alleged they witnessed multiple vehicles and people fleeing the area.   

Detained at the scene were Jose Ledesma, 34, Sergio Ruiz Turo, 44, Jorge Ceron Gonzalez, 36, Miguel Andrade Valencia, 32, Cesar Coronado Barba, 29, and Gerlich Barba, 35.   

Deputies said they allegedly found evidence of the animal fight, including a rooster fighting ring, gaffs which are razor-sharp blades attached to a rooster during the illegal fights, and multiple roosters.   

Sheriff's officials said county animal services were contacted to assist with the roosters found at the location.