Oakland dispute over tennis court comes to a resolution

The Athol Plaza tennis courts near Oakland's Lake Merritt have been home to about a dozen homeless residents for over a year. Residents in the area want the homeless cleared out, but homeless advocates say the residents have no where to go. KTVU's Greg Liggins reports.

California EDD delays push East Bay man into homelessness

Sirmac Jarvius was working as an apprentice barber in East Oakland before the pandemic hit. When he lost his job, he turned to the California EDD for help. Fourteen months later, he's still waiting to receive his first payment.

Fremont company helps save homeless man's puppy

A Fremont company has paid $12,000 in medical care for a homeless man’s puppy after an employee accidentally hits the dog with a work van. The owner of the dog is grateful the company helped to save the dog's life.