Arsonist starts 2 fires at People's Park Housing Site in Berkeley

Police in Berkeley are looking for an arsonist who they say started two fires at the People's Park Housing Construction site.

Officials say one fire was set in the middle of the park, the second was on the Northwest side of the park. 

Both fires were quickly put out by the Berkeley Fire Dept.

Officials did not say if the fires caused any damage to the construction site. 

The park has long been the center of controversy. In July, an Alameda County Superior Court judge ruled that the University of California could begin in its long-planned project to build student housing at the historic park. 

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The project calls for below-market housing for some 1,100 students on less than half of the 2.8-acre site.

Opponents, including student groups and homeless advocates, have filed numerous legal challenges, accusing UC Berkeley of violating rights and environmental laws.

According to the University, the project will end up preserving more than 60% of the park's "revitalized green space," which will include a memorial to the park's past and historic significance.