BART loses millions of night and weekend riders: report

BART has lost nearly 10 million night and weekend passengers over four years, even though daytime ridership is still OK as trains are always busy during the peak commute hours. 

Outside the peak commute times, ridership dropped — from 62.2 million in 2015 to 52.7 million last year, the Chronicle reported.

That's according to a recent BART survey of 662 commuters in five counties; 29% of those riders said they take BART less often on weekends than they did a year ago. 

Why? They’re not traveling to places served by the rail system, and weekend rail service is too sparse. They also said they worried about crime, filth and homeless people, the Chronicle reported.

The ridership on BART is mirroring what's going on in the rest of the country. The American Public Transportation Association said rail travel was down in 2018. 

The transit agency’s board will discuss these results Thursday during its annual two-day workshop.

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