Bay Area adventurer sets off from Sausalito to Hawaii alone and in a kayak

A Bay Area man is taking a journey from the Golden Gate Bridge to Hawaii.

He's doing it alone.

And on a kayak. 

Early Memorial Day morning, Cyril Derreumaux was getting reach at the Travis Marina in Sausalito.

While most people were sleeping in or getting ready for an afternoon barbecue, Durrameux, who originally hails from France, is ready to face unfriendly waters in. his specialized kayak to cross 2,700 miles in order to hit Waikki Beach in Hawaii. 

"Being alone, is just very different," he told KTVU. " I have to be self-aware all of the time, what's going on mentally, physically. The weather the electronics, the boat evolution, seasickness, sleep deprivation, food nutrition, hydration. There's so much I have to think so I have to be self-aware at all times."

So why is he doing this?

Derreumaux said you only live once and he wants to challenge himself.

He's been kayaking for 12 years and completed hundreds of trips.

But this will be the first MidAtlantic kayak, which fans can follow on People have done the trip in a row boat but never in a kayak. 

The journey should take about two months. 

And while Derreumaux realizes that his adventure is out of the ordinary, he added that he's definitely of sound mind. 

"It takes a little bit of a craziness," he acknowledged. 

Then he amended his statement.

"I wouldn't call it craziness," he added. "I'd call it passion, passion and understanding myself and my limits and pushing myself and pushing my own boundaries and  I think i can do that."