Bay Area seeing hot spring temps, dangerous sneaker waves

The Bay Area is experiencing a major spring warm-up. 

It's been warm this week, and it's going to be even warmer Thursday. Temperatures could set records, reaching into the 90s – up to 20 degrees above average. 

 "A day like today comes and there's just no way to resist," said Jeni Clancy of San Francisco.

The higher temperatures bring a serious warning with it: The message for those wanting to cool off is to stay out of the water at some beaches, especially Ocean Beach in San Francisco. 

Experts say it's not safe to be in the water even when it looks enticing on a beautiful day.

The National Weather Service warned of sneaker waves, which are unexpected large waves  that form quickly  behind smaller ones. 

It's a hazard that catches people off guard. 

 "It always makes me nervous to see small children wading in the water even with parents close by.  The currents are so strong," said Clancy. 

 KTVU spotted many people in the water including a woman with her 2-year-old granddaughter.

"Sneaker wave, never heard of that," said Mirjana Lee.

 The fire department which conducts many water rescues here is warning people not to get into the water, not even ankle deep.

 "A lot of people don't understand. In San Francisco coastlines, simply ankle deep water, we have strong enough rip currents to pull a grown adult out to sea," said Lt. Jonathan Baxter with the San Francisco Fire Department. 

Across the Bay in downtown San Leandro, the warm temperatures attracted people to the first farmers' market  of the season.

For some, it is the first time they feel safe venturing out to a large public gathering.

 "It's the first time in two years,  2 1/2  years really," said Janeeda Fernandez of Oakland and added that she felt happy and joyful.

 Oakland-based group, Hella Fitzgerald, provided the live entertainment, enhancing the outdoor experience by bringing people together for a day under the sun.

 "Music is everybody's love language.  Everyone can respond to it differently," said vocalist Janeece Marmolejo, "We always love the outdoor gig where we can invite our friends and family." 

 Back at Ocean Beach, the National Weather Service advised people to keep children close, pets on leashes, and stay off of coastal rocks and jetties. 

And never turn your back on the ocean.

 "This week, we're expecting surf to be as high as 12 feet coming in at five to six second succession," said Baxter. 

 But turbulent conditions may not  be a deterrent for beach lovers.

  "We come whenever we can.  This is  the best place to spend the afternoon," said Lee. 

 Experts said  the weather may be warm, but the water here will be cold, about 50 degrees. 

An adult can suffer hypothermia in just ten minutes.

They're asking people to enjoy the weather on the beach and stay out of the water.