Berkeley postal workers navigate rain, holiday rush to deliver Christmas cheer

Wednesday marks the final day to send holiday cards and packages through U.S. Mail to ensure their timely arrival for Christmas.

At the Berkeley post office located at 8th and Harrison streets, postal workers diligently sorted and organized hundreds of envelopes, packets, and boxes destined for delivery to homes and businesses along their routes.

"We do a lot! We deliver everything from their medication, to money to Christmas gifts. There's some joy in that," said USPS mail carrier Angela Moore.


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Having served the four-mile route near the Berkeley and Albany border for eight years, Moore appreciates the connections she has established with the people and families on her route.

"When it was super hot, people were offering me water, offering to let me come inside and rest in the air conditioning," she shared. "It was so nice of them, even though I couldn't stay. It's a sweet gig, it really is, but you gotta work hard."

It is a busy time of year at the post office.

"It's Christmastime, a lot of packages are coming in," said Postmaster Katrina Scott. "We're processing 8,000 to 12,000 a day at any point, just in this facility alone. Rain, sleet, or snow, that's our motto; we have to deliver it, and that's what we do."

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Looking ahead, Scott said she plans to hire 20 additional mail carriers for the long term after the holiday season.

The post office serves over 100,000 addresses across seven different zip codes in Berkeley and Albany.

The rain may soak the carriers’ deliveries, but not their enthusiasm for the job.

"I love it! It's so much fun, especially around Christmas," said mail carrier Sepidh Yazdi. "Everyone is waiting for us, asking 'Where's my package?' Even the little kids! It's too much fun.