Biden's Silicon Valley campaign fundraisers met with protesters

President Joe Biden made multiple stops in the Bay Area on Friday, including two affluent towns in Silicon Valley, to raise money for his re-election campaign.

At both locations, pro-Palestinian protesters showed up to make their demands heard.

Biden’s first stop was in Portola Valley, where tech billionaire Vinod Khosla hosted a fundraising reception.

As onlookers watched the motorcade, pro-Palestinian protesters gathered outside of Khosla’s house.

"We want him to be funding other things like schools and healthcare and just building our communities, but not a genocide," said protester Kimi Lee.


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The president then made his way over to Palo Alto, where former Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer hosted another fundraiser.

Some people in the community were excited to see the president in their neighborhood. Nearby schools were let out early for the event.

"I hope he lasts another four years, and he does a good job as he has been doing the last few years," said resident Vimal Goel.

"I’d love to cheer our president on if I could," said another neighbor, John Hiss, who remembers the last time a presidential candidate made their way to the neighborhood.

"It was President Obama also going to Marissa Mayer’s house, and we were able to get down another block to see him arrive," Hiss recalled.

This time, Biden could be seen through the window of his vehicle, waving at the crowd on Middlefield Road.

Shortly after he arrived, a set of protests erupted as police in riot gear blocked the area off.

Pro-Palestinian protesters began making demands to end the war in Gaza.

"He’s writing a blank check to the government of Israel that is slaughtering children," said protester Liz Mulford.

A pro-Israel group set up shop across the street toting Israeli flags.

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"I came to show my support to Biden and his support to Israel because Israel is in a dangerous situation," said Estee Greif, as her group shouted "Free them now," in reference to hostages taken by Hamas.

Protests remained peaceful.

Biden left the Bay Area just after 3 p.m. to head to Seattle, where his fundraising efforts continued.

Biden has raised a record number of funds, with more than $180 million going towards his re-election campaign in the first quarter, and donors from California are reportedly leading the effort.