CHP rescues San Francisco skier in Sierra backcountry

The California Highway Patrol rescued a skier from San Francisco, who veered off the back side of the Kirkwood ski area. 

Mike Petrov tried to ski to safety, but, he fell into the powder, and couldn't reattach his skis back in February.

He was able to send a text to friends for help, and they were able to contact law enforcement.

The CHP spent hours trying to reach him that night. But was too dangerous to land a helicopter in the dark.

After almost 24 hours, crews were able to land about a half mile away and hike to him. 

"I was a little worried at first, like, what the night was going to be, because I had no idea how cold it was going to be," Petrov said. "At that point, I just had to make sure I was moving my toes every 10 minutes to make sure no blood loss happened, or they don't freeze." 

Petrov said he was given a room at Kirkwood to rest before heading home.