Florida family's adoption of Ukraine children put on hold, worried for boys' safety

Russia's War on Ukraine is putting a halt to adoptions leaving families frustrated and worried about the safety of the children. 

A Clermont, Florida family is worried about the children they are in the process of adopting in Ukraine. The Andrews family was hosting a child from Ukraine over the holidays, and after he went back home they started the process to adopt the boy, Daniil, and his two brothers. But, when Russia invaded Ukraine, it put a halt to adoptions.

"We loved him all along and was just the perfect fit," said Breanna Andrews.

Luckily, they learned yesterday that Daniil and his brothers are safe in the orphanage and received a photo of him smiling.

"You would not know what was taking place outside," said Breanna Andrews. "They’re resilient, they’re brave. Tough kids. I miss my boy," added Aaron Andrews.


The Andrews family isn't alone. Adoption attorneys say the process is extremely difficult.

"That is part of the challenge," said Immigration and Adoption Attorney Dan Berger. "A lot of Ukrainian government agencies are not really operating right now, so it’s difficult to confirm documents. It's difficult to get documents."

Attorney Gretchen Korn-Nice is working with another family whose adoption process has been on hold.

"They’re in a frustrating place where they don’t know what the timeline is for this process and if in fact, the process can continue," said Korb-Nice. "So many feelings of helplessness because these families and other families who already started the process had advocated for an expedited process because there was this anticipation that Russia would invade. And those requests were met without any sort of response."

The Andrews is hoping to hopefully bring home Daniil and his brothers home to their new family safe and that they'll be able to stay in contact with them through the journey.

"We've been able to relay a little message over that we're thinking of him, and we love him," said Breanna Andrews.  

"And those glimmers of hope," added Aaron Andrews. "It's like that one thing that keeps you going." 

If you would like to help the Andrews with their journey click here. You can also follow their journey on this page. 

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