Couple adopts safe haven baby surrendered at fire station: 'We're just thankful to God'

Brittany and Chris Tyler adopted Samuel who was surrendered at a fire station. (Credit: Brittany Tyler)

A Kentucky couple recently officially adopted a baby boy who was surrendered in a safe haven box at a fire station with a written message that said in part "I love you."

Chris and Brittany Tyler said the 20-month-old baby, Samuel, was born in May 2022 and made headlines after he was found surrendered at a fire station when he was 2 days old. 

Unable to have children of their own, the Tylers, who have fostered 17 children, said they heard of Samuel's story and had hoped their paths would cross. 

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Photos of Samuel Tyler and his family.  (Brittany Tyler )

"We were just next on the list for a placement," Brittany told FOX Television Stations. "I read the news article that morning that there had been a baby surrendered at a local fire station. I told Chris about it and prayed all weekend."

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Call it divine law, the couple was contacted about fostering Samuel.

"We got the call from the placement workers that they had a baby that had been surrendered, and would we be able to take him in? And we said, ‘absolutely,’" Brittany added. 

Because Samuel was so small, he was placed in the NICU to be nursed to health, according to Brittany. 

Last December, the couple was finally able to officially adopt him. He joined two other brothers that have been adopted by the couple and another sister that's currently being fostered. 

The Tylers said they don't know much about Samuel's mother, as the chances of meeting her are very slim. Brittany believes his mother was very young and needed help, as stated in the letter left with the baby. 

They do plan to tell Samuel about his story of adoption as he gets older. 

"She's made a very brave, selfless decision. And she wanted the best for him," Brittany continued. 

"We're just thankful to God that He chose that we would be the family for him," Chris added. 

This story was reported from Los Angeles.