Driver arrested after using bear spray on motorist: Santa Cruz sheriff

Santa Cruz County police arrested a woman after a road rage incident. (Photo credit: Santa Cruz County Sheriffs Office) (KTVU FOX 2)

Police arrested a woman who had allegedly doused another driver with bear spray in a video that circulated on social media, according to the Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Office.

Sofia Pascasio, 32, faces several felonies for her conduct during the road-rage encounter in Live Oak. 

The video, recorded by a witness in a third car, shows a Toyota Prius following closely behind another car. At a red light, the woman driving the Prius, exits her car, holding a canister, and blasts a brownish substance, which was allegedly bear spray, through the window of the car she had been tailing. 

As Pascasio returns to her car, she flashes a peace sign at the witness recording the incident on a cellphone.

It's unclear exactly when the altercation took place, though the video was uploaded to Facebook on June 24.

The sheriff's office said Pascasio was arrested on multiple felony charges including hit-and-run, assault with a deadly weapon, illegal possession and use of mace, and probation violation. 

She was arrested last weekend, the sheriff's office said.


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