East Bay police chief moves to include more women in law enforcement

Newark Police Chief Gina Anderson will leave that department and take over as interim Pleasanton chief on May 3.

Anderson has more than 30 years of policing experience.

And under her leadership, Newark has been at the forefront of the 30-by-30 initiative.

That's a goal for women to occupy at least 30-percent of a city's police department by the year 2030.

"And so in Newark, we hit 30 by 30, two years ago," Anderson told KTVU. "And as long as I sit in the office of the chief, we have female representation at every rank within the organization."

Anderson took over as Newark police chief just after the start of the pandemic in April 2020.

She's credited for bringing more technology within the department, such as security cameras and computer analytics.

Anderson says law enforcement is a family calling. 

Her father, who pinned a badge on her, also served as police chief.

Anderson who was slated to retire April 11t but got called to step in as interim chief in Pleasanton during the agency’s recruitment for a permanent chief.