Footage released of fatal police shooting in Danville

Danville police released body camera and dashcam footage of a deadly officer-involved shooting that happened last year. 

Police said on Nov. 3, 2018 officers were chasing a man who had been acting suspiciously. Within moments, the incident turned deadly. 

Laudemer Arboleda, who was mentally ill, died after being shot numerous times by Officer Andrew Hall. 

"I see a police officer who essentially turned into a cowboy," said the family's attorney, Adante Pointer. 

Arboleda's family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the town claiming the officer was in no danger when he opened fire. 

"That was just flat out criminal homicide. That officer should be prosecuted and no longer deserves to have the honor of wearing a badge and a gun, Pointer said. 

But the sheriff's office, which patrols Danville said Arboleda drove at officers. 

Contra Costa County Sheriff Spokesman Jimmy Lee described the incident as, "an officer-involved shooting that occurred as a result of a suspect trying to run down an officer."

It started when residents called police to report a suspicious person walking in their neighborhood and ringing doorbells.

"We've had a strange individual lurking around our property, standing around the door," according to audio from a 911 phone call released Friday. 

Danville police spotted Arboleda leaving the area in a Honda. They tried to stop him, but he took off. 

He ended up near the corner of Diablo and Front Street in downtown Danville. Police say he tried to drive in between a gap between two police cars. Then Hall opened fire. 

Hall told investigators he fired because he believed Arboleda would run him over and kill him. 

After Arboleda was shot, he drove off but crashed into another car. He died at a hospital from a gunshot wound to the chest. 

"You have an officer who overreacted, who put himself in a position on the side of the car. Mind you, and opened fire on a young man who was wanted for nothing more than ringing doorbells," the family's attorney said. 

The civil lawsuit is pending and the Contra Costa District Attorney's Office is still reviewing the shooting to determine whether Hall will face any criminal charges.