'Idiot Sandwich' is now a good thing, says Chef Gordon Ramsay

From socials to sandwiches, Chef Gordon Ramsay has cooked up a YouTube competition series called "Idiot Sandwich."

Inspired by his viral meme of the same name, social media influencers and digital content creators put their sandwich skills to the test in front of a live audience.

"We started off an amazing meme with James Corden and Ben Winston. We were doing something fun for a skit for his show: we made the 'Idiot Sandwich.' and so, now, we have this amazing competition," Ramsay explained. "Everyone loves sandwiches, by the way, as you know, and so, you can get so creative and I’m always pushing the boundaries out with sandwiches, whether it's a beautiful grilled cheese or even a basic BLT, make it your best."

A lot of home cooks share their concoctions on social media, so the famously temperamental chef sees a lot of unusual creations in his feed – "Sadly, it's not all glamorous stuff," he laughed – but overall, he’s impressed.

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From Chef Ramsay's new YouTube series

"One of the most exciting ones was a sandwich that was put together in a can and they pressed it all and layered this thing up, pulled the can off and then it's just an amazing 10-tier sandwich," Ramsay continued. "If you told me, you know, two years ago that I would have 40 million followers on TikTok, I would never have believed you and so, yeah, long may that continue."

So as the competitions continue, get ready for Chef Ramsay to put us right in the middle of a new culinary concept, sometimes literally.

LINK: Find ‘Idiot Sandwich’ on YouTube