Livermore officer approached by turkey while on patrol, saves driver from speeding ticket

Just days before Thanksgiving a wild turkey helped a driver avoid a ticket. 

An officer with the Livermore Police Department pulled a vehicle over for speeding-- but as the officer started approaching the vehicle a wild turkey approached him.

The somewhat aggressive turkey began following the officer around the vehicle. 

The police department posted bodycam video of the officer’s encounter online; in the video you can hear the officer chuckle in panic as the turkey kept following him. 

“You not getting a ticket, he doesn’t want you to get a ticket,” the officer said to the driver he pulled over. And with only a warning the driver was let go. 

In a post online the police department wrote “We've all heard the song, "Friends in Low Places". Well this week, this driver deployed the "No Ticket Turkey." Things to be grateful for this Thanksgiving: having friends in low places like the "No Ticket Turkey.”

The turkey has since been named ‘No Ticket Turkey’.