Modesto clears out caves used by homeless people as shelter

City leaders in Modesto are now taking steps to clear out the caves that have become homeless encampments.

They say dozens of unhoused people have lived in caves along a river bank for years, possibly even decades.

The city is now telling them it's time to leave, warning that these caves can flood or collapse at any moment.

Some people living nearby had other concerns.

Brian Brandenburg, who lives near the caves, said he worried some of these people might steal from him. 

"We saw people going in and out and it was usually about the same group of individuals that would constantly be in and out and we were concerned because we were like, 'they're coming up and down our neighborhood and they're looking in our garages,' and you know, so we were concerned and then, but, we didn't know where they were staying," he said. 

The city of Modesto is now working to find shelter for those leaving the caves.

It's also teaming with volunteers to clean up more than 75,000 pounds of trash left behind.